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Women’s Self Defense & Personal Safety (15+, or by exception). Adult Women and Teen Girls (15+) build self-confidence and learn real world “practical self-defense” and “risk mitigation” skills to use against sexual assault and/or abduction in this 3-hour Women’s SelfDefense workshop co-sponsored by the City of Walnut Creek’s Arts and Recreation Program. Streetwise Classes prioritize boosting self-confidence while also teaching effective fighting techniques. The ultimate real-world strategy is to avoid physical conflict through actual avoidance, de-escalation, escape, or evasion. When paired with effective physical skills, the resulting boost in self-assurance aims to deter predators by removing these students from the typical target/victim demographic, which has been shown to be people who are more obviously vulnerable. Taught by founder and instructor Jay Beecham (See Bio). How to Register for Arts & Rec Classes (Download PDF)

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