Build Confidence, Communication, and Safety Skills

This unique course offers moms and daughters the chance to learn valuable self-defense skills together, fostering open communication around personal safety and gender violence.

More Than Just Techniques:

  • Go beyond basic moves: Our program incorporates effective techniques from various martial arts, all taught in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Confidence is key: We prioritize building self-assurance alongside physical skills, making you a less likely target.

  • Avoid, Escape, Defend: Learn strategies to de-escalate situations, escape danger, and defend yourself if necessary.

The Real-World Advantage:

  • Deter & Defend: Confidence and physical skills combine to deter potential attackers and equip you to handle confrontations.

  • Empowerment, not Fear: This program aims to remove you from the typical target demographic, fostering a sense of security and control.

Experienced Instruction:

Led by founder and certified instructor Jay Beecham, this course provides expert guidance and a supportive learning environment.

Ready to Get Started?

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“Jay was very knowledgeable and professional when teaching my friend and I self defense strategies. The information was relevant and helpful. Every woman should take the class!”