As reported on the Bureau of Criminal Statistics website evaluating all sexual assault and rape cases reported during the year.  On average, 75% of cases where the victim was able to fight back effectively, the attacker gave up and fled the scene prior to completing the rape.



At Streetwise, we offer to meet our clients wherever they are physically, emotionally, and mentally, to work with their specific situation and perceived vulnerability. We offer a level of flexibility that is no longer confined to specific locations or established schedules. We conduct “context specific scenario-based training” that integrates aspects of the client’s real-life situation and perceived vulnerabilities into the training as and where possible. Our instructional objective is empowerment of the student to make informed choices about how they want to live, and to be confident in those decisions.


    • Instructor led, context based, scenario driven training focused on preventing sexual assault and abduction.
    • Context based scenarios are applied to a range of assault situations and the student works through the scenario with the technique recently demonstrated.
      • Public Classes for Individuals and Groups:
        • Forma Gym – Walnut Creek
          • Personal Safety / Self Defense for adult women and Teens, age 15+: $50/ea.
        • Walnut Creek Arts & Recreation
          • Personal Safety / Self Defense for adult women and Teens, age 15+: $68/ea.
          • Personal Safety / Self Defense for Mothers & Daughters age 12-15: $113/both
            • Add additional daughter(s) at $50/ea.
      • Private Classes for Individuals and Groups:
        • Personal Safety / Self Defense for adult women and Teens
        • Personal Safety / Self Defense for Mothers & Daughters age ??-15
        • Safety and Security on High School and College Campuses
        • Staying Safe while Traveling (Domestic/International) for Work or Pleasure
        • Defensive Measures for Women in the Workplace (Service / Hospitality / Real Estate)
        • Safely Using Non-Lethal Weapons (pepper spray, stun devices, key chains, & more) for Self Defense (Public /Work/ School)
      • Private Classes, Brown Bag Presentations, Consulting, and Facilitation for Large and Small Businesses:
        • Custom Training for any of the following:
          • Staff who work in high risk demographic areas
          • Staff who have been threatened or are being stalked/harassed by someone they have served or the public
          • Staff Team Building


If I had to pick a single word or phrase to represent my philosophy of self-defense, it would be empowerment. Those who are empowered are more self-confident, and those who are self-confident are least likely to be selected by a predator as a potential victim.

If an individual is empowered to take steps to ensure their own safety, whether by deciding not to engage in a situation or relationship, or by physically defending yourself in a time when that is the best option remaining to them, they will feel and act more self-confident and, by statistical probability, will be safer and have less anxiety in their life. It is truly an honor to get to play even a small role in that outcome.

~ Jay Beecham, Founder, 2023


“Jay, thank you so much for making time for our class, and for offering such a fantastic curriculum. Both my young adult daughters said they were really pleased with everything they learned, and so was I. My younger one, at 19, is a tough audience to impress (so many things are a “waste of their time”), and I heard nothing but good things from her. And you did an artful job with my older daughter, who was anxious about participating. She was able to feel comfortable and take it all in. I will now worry less about them being out in the world, knowing what they’ve learned from you!”
KATHE - Mother & Student
“Since my twelve-year old daughter joined this self-defense class, there is a distinctive change in the way she views herself as a female. What she has learned in this class is an awareness about her physical and inner strength. Her self-confidence and sense of self-worth have increased. She feels empowered. She gets excited about spending a Saturday learning ways to defend herself and further understand why there are reasons that she might have to defend herself one day. She has fun even in the context of tough topics. She continues to participate, grow, and thrive as she expresses herself in brave and bold ways. As her mom, I hope she never has to defend herself; however, if she does have to defend herself, she can. Jay has a way of making the girls feel comfortable as he helps them to help themselves in challenging scenarios, This is time and money well spent – invaluable.”
CAMI - Mother