As reported on the Bureau of Criminal Statistics website evaluating all sexual assault and rape cases reported during the year.  On average, 75% of cases where the victim was able to fight back effectively, the attacker gave up and fled the scene prior to completing the rape.



Streetwise Women’s Self Defense is a self defense (from sexual assault or attempted abduction) program focuses on understanding the principles behind the self defense techniques so that even if the victim were to forget exactly how to execute a defensive technique, she might still do something. This program teaches why each technique works, and the laws of gravity, leverage, and physiology that might allow a victim to escape or even subdue a larger and stronger opponent. This understanding builds confidence, and confidence spills over into other areas of your lives, making you a stronger person and less likely to be mistaken for a victim.

While we believe that no woman should be required to learn how to fight in order to defend against a physical assault, we also believe that anyone who is prepared to defend themselves, necessarily make themselves a “harder target”, and more difficult to victimize.


Instructor Jay Beecham spent more than 6 years in the military as an intelligence officer in an Army Special Forces Unit, Utah National Guard, and with the 116th Combat Brigade, Idaho National Guard. He has spent several years training in various martial arts, and continues refine this class responding to “What-Ifs?”, and figuring out safer and more reliable ways to gain the advantage in case of an attack. Jay has lived/worked in NYC, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, & Portland. He has also had the opportunity to travel the world, spending time in Central & South America, Europe, North Africa, and the Far East.


“Jay, thank you so much for making time for our class, and for offering such a fantastic curriculum. Both my young adult daughters said they were really pleased with everything they learned, and so was I. My younger one, at 19, is a tough audience to impress (so many things are a “waste of their time”), and I heard nothing but good things from her. And you did an artful job with my older daughter, who was anxious about participating. She was able to feel comfortable and take it all in. I will now worry less about them being out in the world, knowing what they’ve learned from you!”
KATHE - Mother & Student
“Since my twelve-year old daughter joined this self-defense class, there is a distinctive change in the way she views herself as a female. What she has learned in this class is an awareness about her physical and inner strength. Her self-confidence and sense of self-worth have increased. She feels empowered. She gets excited about spending a Saturday learning ways to defend herself and further understand why there are reasons that she might have to defend herself one day. She has fun even in the context of tough topics. She continues to participate, grow, and thrive as she expresses herself in brave and bold ways. As her mom, I hope she never has to defend herself; however, if she does have to defend herself, she can. Jay has a way of making the girls feel comfortable as he helps them to help themselves in challenging scenarios, This is time and money well spent – invaluable.”
CAMI - Mother