Jay customized a mother/daughter class for 3 families in our neighborhood who have girls under the 12+ age limit that is the standard for the community center classes. He did a wonderful job of adapting to a younger age group and addressing both the mothers and their daughters in a way that was age appropriate but also direct about the topic.

He let the girls rough him up a bit, which they thought was really cool but more importantly showed them that they can effectively defend themselves. This was really critical because that age group, and all of us really, need to see cause and effect. If we fight back, we have a much better chance of defending ourselves and escaping harm. He was really encouraging to all of us and we left the class with new skills and more confidence.

I would highly recommend Jay’s class!

Bronwyn Shone ~ 10/22 - Mother-Daughter (9-11) Women’s Self Defense Private Group
“Whole-heartedly recommend this workshop!”

I organized a private group session with Jay for mothers/ younger kids who were just a little too young to participate in any of the city parks & rec organized offerings ( 9-12) . It was a powerful experience.

Jay was absolutely professional in setting this up, lining up a venue, and communicating prior to the event.

During the well- thought out presentation -a little theory but mostly hands on demonstrations- we felt he gave us his all and kept even the youngest kids engaged at all times, making sure everyone had their turns to practice safely and their questions answered. I had shopped around to find options for that age group before finding Jay, and the class was very reasonably priced in comparison. We’ll happily be back for a refresher down the road.

Lisa E. ~ 10/22 - Mother-Daughter (age 9-12) Women’s Self Defense Private Group

If you have any doubts or fears on taking Jay’s Self Defense Class, don’t. Jay makes you feel comfortable from the beginning by sharing his story about why he started this organization. He makes sure you are okay with potentially triggering scenarios, and he encourages you all the way through with humor, kindness, and care. I was brought to tears at one point not because of a traumatic self-defense scenario, but from his encouragement and sympathy towards the fears women (and men) face after being attacked or in an abusive relationship. I recently moved to San Francisco and feel more relaxed when I walk in the city alone because I know I have the tools I learned from Jay to escape from any perpetrator. I couldn’t recommend this class enough and believe every woman should take this class without any hesitation. You will come out of it feeling empowered and confident in yourself wherever you may go.

Katherine R. ~ July 2022 – Women’s Self Defense (15+) Public Group

I signed myself and 17 year old daughter up for this class on a whim, with her nervously and reluctantly agreeing to go. Signing up was a great decision. The class was informative, professional, respectful and FUN! Jay made everyone feel comfortable right from the beginning. Even my very introverted daughter was engaged and participating the entire class. We bonded with the other women there and came away feeling confident and powerful. Jay knows what he’s doing and how to present this sensitive topic. There is something that strikes to the core about feeling empowered to defend yourself and we can’t wait to go back for more. If you are hesitant to sign up – don’t be – it is a great experience!

Rachel C. ~ August 2022 – Women’s Self Defense (15+) Public Group

This is a truly wonderful and empowering class! I found Jay respectful, compassionate, and sensitive to the fear I brought with me. Jay hit all the right notes so that I not only felt safe emotionally, but began to learn some physical skills I want to remember. I highly recommend this experience!

Catherine H. ~ July 2022 – Women’s Self Defense (15+) Public Group

Thank you, Streetwise Women’s Self Defense! Jay kindly arranged to teach a class while he was coming through Boise to 11 of us, including 7 women and 4 of our daughters aged 15 and up. I had been wanting to take a self-defense class with my 19-year-old before she strikes out on her own, and Jay’s class was just what we’d hoped for. Jay was great about covering several topics around safety and self-defense, was great about listening and being open to conversations and questions that came up, and was great about making sure everyone was participating at a level that they felt safe and comfortable with. Jay was very professional, and we had a lot of fun as well while practicing movements and taking the class together. The topic of self-defense, Jay explained, can be difficult and triggering at times, and that is certainly true. We appreciated Jay’s professional, experienced, and kind tone throughout the entire course. My daughter came home with a little boost in confidence as well, which I so appreciated.

Amber Fawson ~ July 2022 – Mother-Daughter Women’s Self Defense Hybrid Private Group
My daughter and I highly recommend Jay’s “Streetwise Women’s Self Defense” class. We learned some very useful techniques that made us feel stronger and more confident in defending ourselves if we are ever in a dangerous situation. We thought that Jay’s hands-on demonstration and knowledge were really impactful. This class would be very beneficial for any female (both young and old) to attend.
Lorraine Katz ~ July 2021 – Mother Daughter (12-15) Women’s Self Defense Public Group
I highly recommend streetwise for all ages and abilities!!
We participated last night with my daughters, 12 and 16. The girls were so nervous to go initially but within the first 30 minutes they were bringing it and by the end we all felt empowered, strong and confident, I could see it in my girls as they both walked a bit taller to the car!!
The class inspired more enlightening conversation on the way home and I’m sure there will be more in the coming weeks! thank you so much streetwise and look forward to participating again…
Teri Kime ~ June 2021 – Mother Daughter Women’s Self Defense Hybrid Private Group
Jay was incredibly kind, knowledgeable and easy to work with when he assisted my students in organizing a self-defense workshop for their fellow high school students. Jay met with the student-organizers ahead of the workshop so they could run through the moves themselves before assisting their peers in learning on the day of our workshop. The students and I found Jay and his assistant to be patient, funny and empowering to the (mostly) young women who were taking his course. After the workshop, participants felt stronger, more powerful and more confident that they can keep themselves safe and, in the event of an attack, they would be able to defend themselves. As a teacher, I’m so grateful to Jay for coming to Boise High School, for working with our young people and for offering his services to us. Thanks, Jay!
~ Anna Daley ~ AVID Program Coordinator Boise High School
I feel so much more confident both for myself and my daughter after learning the moves Jay taught us in self-defense class. He gives fantastic instruction and is dedicated to helping women feel safe with simple tools of wisdom.
~ Jodi D. ~
It was an awesome class!!! I brought my daughters (one in high school and one in college) with my sister to learn to be confident and smart! Jay did a wonderful job in equipping us to be fighters. I pray we never have to use these skills but should that time ever come we are ready. We look forward to taking more classes!
~ Dominique L. ~
Awesome class!! I took the class because I’m going to be an RA at college next year and now I’m equipped with the tools and knowledge to be able to defend myself in potentially dangerous situations.
~ Olivia L. ~
This class was very empowering and made me feel much more confident. I know when and when not to use certain moves, and how to make it possible to get out of something bad. Jay is respectful and elegant with his work. I was impressed and intrigued by his skills. Any teenage girl or even older ladies contemplating taking this class, I completely encourage you to do so. I am very glad I dd. Thank you Jay
~ Cassidy C. ~
Attending Jay’s self-defense class with a group of teenage girls we mentor regularly was such a beautiful and empowering experience. Jay taught with great respect and knowledge and every one of the girls LOVED learning how to own their own space and stand up for their rights. I would highly recommend his class to anyone and we can’t wait to go again and learn more! Thank you so much Jay!
~ Deborah Ryman, Board Member & Dir. of Operations, Gate of Hope ~
“Since my twelve-year old daughter joined this self-defense class, there is a distinctive change in the way she views herself as a female. What she has learned in this class is an awareness about her physical and inner strength. Her self-confidence and sense of self-worth have increased. She feels empowered. She gets excited about spending a Saturday learning ways to defend herself and further understand why there are reasons that she might have to defend herself one day. She has fun even in the context of tough topics. She continues to participate, grow, and thrive as she expresses herself in brave and bold ways. As her mom, I hope she never has to defend herself; however, if she does have to defend herself, she can. Jay has a way of making the girls feel comfortable as he helps them to help themselves in challenging scenarios, This is time and money well spent – invaluable.”
~ Cami H. ~ Mother
Great class! I decided to do this class because I will be traveling in Europe this fall for several weeks, and i wanted to feel prepared and secure before leaving. After taking this class I now believe every girl/woman should take a self defense class. It was very informative and empowering. Jay taught how to best avoid or break free from an abduction or sexual assault attempt. Most moves were easy to remember and perform. I highly recommend this class and I am planning to take it again before I leave.
~ Emily ~
Absolutely one of the best decisions I made this summer. I’m feeling so much more confident about going to college out of state! Would 100% recommend this class.
~ Juliana ~
Jay was very knowledgeable and professional when teaching my friend and I self defense strategies. The information was relevant and helpful. Every woman should take the class!
~ Joeli ~
I was a little apprehensive about attending as I am approaching 70 and have some aches and pains but my caring daughter signed me up and encouraged me to go. I am really glad I did, it was a wonderful class and Jay and Miriam did a great job. I know that you can be attacked at any age, not just the young. I know that if attacked my body would not feel good afterwards but because of Jay’s instructions I would try to give it all I had. Thank you so much.
~ Marg D ~
Jay and Miriam were great!! They taught to Heidi and I’s comfort levels and ensured we both left with some great techniques. I was able to go home and show my kids the new skills I had learned!!!
~ Brandy ~
Jay, thank you so much for making time for our class, and for offering such a fantastic curriculum. Both my young adult daughters said they were really pleased with everything they learned, and so was I. My younger one, at 19, is a tough audience to impress (so many things are a “waste of their time”), and I heard nothing but good things from her. And you did an artful job with my older daughter, who was anxious about participating. She was able to feel comfortable and take it all in. I will now worry less about them being out in the world, knowing what they’ve learned from you!
~ Kathe G ~
This class was so beneficial! I’m moving to downtown Saint Louis for graduate school in about a month, and I had never been in any kind of self defense or martial arts class before. I did some research online and found out about this workshop. My expectations were low, but I figured that something was better than nothing. I was completely blown away! We learned so much in such a short amount of time, and while I’m still going to try to avoid getting myself into situations where it would be necessary to use the tactics we learned, I feel so much better about how I would react now. Thanks, Jay!!!
~ Kim O ~