Streetwise Self Defense is located in Walnut Creek, California, and offers both public and custom-designed self-defense classes in Northern California, Idaho, and the Pacific Northwest. Established in 2014 in Boise, Idaho, we have since empowered over 1,500 women and teenage girls through our unique training system.

Our classes cater to individual needs and preferences, incorporating techniques from various martial arts and self-defense systems. We provide personalized content, allowing instructors to tailor the context, exercise scenarios, and discussions to meet each client’s specific requirements.

With a focus on practical skills, our classes teach women and teenage girls how to defend against physical attacks, sexual assaults, and escape from dangerous situations. We also provide insight into predatory behavior and violence. Our multi-disciplinary approach equips participants with a diverse range of techniques suited to a woman’s unique strengths, boosting confidence and independence in handling potential threats.

Our willingness to travel enables us to reach clients wherever they are, offering flexibility with our class locations and schedules. Ultimately, our goal is to empower individuals and groups with the knowledge, mindset, and physical preparation to handle challenging situations safely and effectively.


Jay Beecham is both the founder and primary instructor for Streetwise Self Defense. He is highly skilled in self-defense and personal safety practices with more than 20 years of martial arts training. With a degree in Criminal Justice, and a background in Military Intelligence from the Army National Guard, Jay has a developed diverse background allowing the integration of practical threat analysis with an understanding of violence dynamics and predator behaviors.

In simple terms, violence dynamics explore why and how violence happens, how it evolves, and the complex interplay of factors that can either escalate or de-escalate aggressive actions. Understanding violence dynamics is essential for developing effective strategies to prevent and respond to violent incidents.

Since 2014, Jay has worked with and trained over 1,500 women and teens, including rape and domestic violence survivors. He has lived and worked in a dozen major cities around the world, and traveled extensively in the US, Central & South America, Europe, North Africa, and Asia. You can connect with Streetwise at www.StreetwiseSelfDefense.com or on FB/IG @StreetwiseWomen.



Empowering women through self-defense classes that foster self-confidence, independence, and self-esteem by teaching defensive techniques that are aligned with their unique core body strengths.

For organizations, we collaborate with management to enhance workplace safety through business brown bag presentations, staff training, educating and empowering employees with tools for situational awareness and personal defensive posture before, during and after work.


We believe that empowerment is a combination of knowledge, self-confidence, and self awareness. It makes no difference what background, race, religion, socio-economic level, or level of education. If your behavior in public is one that displays self confidence and you have a firm understanding of what you can do to avoid confrontation if conflict finds you, or to fight back effectively should you need to, you are a lot less likely to be chosen as a potential target by a predator. We have trained nearly 1,500 women, teens, mothers & children since 2014, and the laws of statistics tell us that we have made a positive mark on the health and safety of our community.

“Jay was very knowledgeable and professional when teaching my friend and I self defense strategies. The information was relevant and helpful. Every woman should take the class!”