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Public women’s Self Defense & Personal Safety Class for adult women and teen girls, age 15+…

Jay Beecham from Streetwise Self Defense will be leading this 3 hour workshop on women’s self defense and personal safety. Since 2014, Jay has trained over 1,500 women, teens and tweens, ages 12+ with this unique class focusing on “real world” self-defense techniques and principles for personal safety, taught in an emotionally and physically safe environment.

This workshop will begin to build the self confidence and awareness needed to avoid, deescalate, or physically stay in the fight, if that is the best remaining option; allowing you to survive almost any confrontational situation.

Physical techniques are demonstrated, taught, and then the student uses the technique against the instructor, all with the purpose of building the student’s confidence and belief inn her own power. Techniques used are selected and adapted from several martial art styles based on practical application.

Fee: $50/ea

Contact Jay Beecham to check availability and register at Send Email,
or by calling Jay directly at 925-532-9953.

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