Streetwise Self Defense is located in Walnut Creek, California, and offers both public and privately scheduled self-defense classes in Northern California, Idaho, and the Pacific Northwest. Established in 2014 in Boise, Idaho, we have since empowered over 1,500 women and teenage girls through our unique training system.

With a focus on practical skills, our classes teach clients how to defend against physical attacks, sexual assaults, and escape from dangerous situations. We also provide insight into predatory behavior and violence. Our multi-disciplinary approach equips participants with a diverse range of knowledge and techniques, boosting confidence and independence in handling potential threats.

Our willingness to travel enables us to reach clients wherever they are, offering flexibility with our class locations and schedules. Streetwise operates akin to a personal training service, with a focus on teaching tactical self-defense. Utilizing context-based scenarios, we specialize in principle-based techniques – adaptable strategies effective across various situations, most common to a particular student or group of students.

The analogy to personal training is apt, as we offer both public classes through our partners in Walnut Creek, and private/semi-private sessions throughout Northern California. Clients have the flexibility to travel to Walnut Creek or opt for the convenience of having classes brought to their preferred location – be it their home, yard, garage, neighborhood clubhouse, community center, or a specially leased space for the event. While outdoor sessions are somewhat weather-dependent, we have successfully conducted our program in a diverse range of settings.

Streetwise is dedicated to empowering clients with the skills and self-confidence necessary for safely navigating both verbal and physical confrontational situations. Our primary objective is to enable clients to escape such encounters without engaging in physical confrontation. However, in scenarios where physical defense becomes unavoidable, we are committed to equipping our students with effective techniques to protect themselves and swiftly disengage from their attackers.

Our classes focus specifically on defense strategies tailored to respond to assault, a range of sexual assault situations, abductions, bullying, anti-racial violence, anti-LGBTQ+ violence, as well as methods for escaping relationship/domestic violence situations. This approach ensures that our clients are prepared for a variety of challenging circumstances, prioritizing their safety and self-assurance in any confrontational context.  Privately scheduled classes can cover dealing with many scenarios that don’t fall into any of the aforementioned categories.

Ultimately, our goal is to empower individuals and groups with the knowledge, mindset, and physical preparation to handle challenging situations safely and effectively.


Jay Beecham, the founder and lead instructor of Streetwise Self Defense, brings a wealth of experience in self-defense and personal safety, backed by over 20 years of martial arts training. Holding a degree in Criminal Justice and having served in Military Intelligence with the Army National Guard, Jay possesses a unique blend of skills. This combination allows him to expertly merge practical threat analysis with an in-depth understanding of violence dynamics and predator behavior.

Violence dynamics involve studying the causes and development of violent situations, including the various factors that can either intensify or defuse aggressive behavior. This knowledge is crucial for creating effective strategies to both prevent and respond to violent incidents.

Since launching Streetwise Self Defense in 2014, Jay has trained over 1,500 women and teens, including those who have survived rape and domestic violence. His global perspective is enriched by living and working in various major cities across the world and extensive travel in the US, Central & South America, Europe, North Africa, and Asia. Connect with Streetwise Self Defense at www.StreetwiseSelfDefense.com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @StreetwiseWomen.



Our mission is to empower women globally by offering self-defense classes that nurture self-confidence, independence, and self-esteem. Our training is tailored to align with each individual’s unique core body strengths, providing them with effective defensive techniques.

Additionally, we partner with organizations to bolster workplace safety. Collaborating closely with management, we conduct a needs assessment, business brown bag presentations and comprehensive staff training sessions. Our focus is to educate and empower employees with essential tools for situational awareness and personal defense strategies, ensuring their safety before, during, and after work hours.

Our global vision is to create a safer world by equipping individuals and communities with the skills and knowledge to protect themselves and others.


“Empowerment is rooted in knowledge, self-confidence, and self-awareness, among other characteristics, and it isn’t influenced by one’s background, race, religion, socio-economic status, or education. Displaying self-confidence in public and knowing how to avoid or effectively respond to confrontations makes you far less likely to be a target for predators. Since 2014, we’ve helped to empower more than 1,500 adult women, tweens, and and teens, and I have to believe that this has had a positive impact on our community’s health and safety.”

In essence, the benefits of self-defense training go far beyond the ability to protect oneself in dangerous situations. They foster a range of skills and qualities that contribute to a healthier, more successful, and more balanced life in the long run.

“Jay was very knowledgeable and professional when teaching my friend and I self defense strategies. The information was relevant and helpful. Every woman should take the class!”