S September is Real Estate Safety Month. On Thursday of this week, I was invited to give an introduction for a Realtor Safety Class at the Boise Regional Realtors (BRR) office in Boise this last week. For Realtor Safety Month, even though I’m a couple of weeks late this year, I wanted to post some Real Estate Safety Resources on this site, and offer to do a Real Estate Profession Specific Women’s Self Defense Class in Early December. Here are some of the safety resources available

to you, with links to the related organizations…

‘The Bureau of Labor Statistics Report on Fatalities in the Workplace’: Fatalities in Real Estate, Rentals & Leasing are up by 22 deaths this reporting year over last, however the number of homicides have fallen slightly showing a significantly lower percentage (23% in 2015 versus 39% in 2013, and 43% in 2012) of deaths related to violent crime. This drop is misleading though as the number of real estate deaths increased from 63 in 2013 to 85 in 2014. Homicide remains the largest of the 4 causes of death measured (Homicide, Roadway, Falls/Slips/Trips, & Falling Objects).
(2014 BLS Report Here)
(2013 BLS Report Here)
2012 BLS Report Here

‘Common Practices that Put You in Danger’ – Ways to reduce your risk; National Association of Realtors

‘Safety Lessons that Saved My Life’ – Real estate professionals share valuable lessons learned while on the job; National Association of Realtors

‘NAR Member Safety Report – 2016 National Association of Realtors Safety Report (Complete PDF)